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Smash Studio Company

Smash Art Pottery Box

Smash Art Pottery Box

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Smash Studio Experience in a box. 

Kintsugi Repair Kit These ‘Break it to Make it’ kits include a high-quality, one-of-a-kind piece of broken pottery from a Canadian Artist, with brushes, gold and lacquer to create your own project. You put it together to re-create your own art. Express yourself through beauty and help others at the same time.



Kintsugi: Japan’s ancient art of embracing imperfection

By being mindful of the 5-minute drying time, you work in small batches inducing flow in a meditative state. By joining the broken pottery with gold and lacquer, the piece becomes changed and more vital. Because of these binding qualities, the pottery is considered more beautiful with its accented scars.

Perfect gift as a therapeutic aid in personal healing or self-awareness and traumatic processing. Each box has an affirmation intended to inspire, send hope and uplift the maker.

Proceeds from Kintsugi Repair Kits support women affected by severe childhood adversity and domestic violence. Through these social art projects, artists are paid for their contributions, helping to elevate their income and their independence.

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